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Our five main partners represent different links in the chain of value from forestry – via a variety of wood-based products and solutions – to consulting services promoting the use of wood where it is environmentally viable. All belong to the front line of their field with rows of innovative achievements to their name.

Allskog is working for extensive use of forest-, outlying field- and wood products in the Middle and Northern parts of Norway. They sell timber and offer forest- and outlaying field services, tutoring and competence. Moelven deliver products and solutions people always have needed. From Timber from local pine and spruce for further handling within other industry – to panelling, construction timber and interior products in a wide range. With quality and competence, they deliver adjustable and complete solutions concerning all kinds of wood constructions. Hunton Fibre produce a great variety of wood-based products. Their wood fibre insolation has the same excellent insulating abilities as mineral wool. The fire resistance and sound muffling ability is as good as with other comparable products on the market. Sweco offers crossover professional consulting services within technical solutions, environmental challenges and architecture. Wood can safely be reckoned as a sustainable choice of building material if it is produced in an environmentally viable way, handled with low energy use and maintained without the use of milieu toxins.