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The solution is a combination of digital tools, innovative research and interdisciplinary cooperation. Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter and the students at NTNU are contributors at the conference and are united in their answers.

Dan Zohar from Haugen/Zohar Arkitekter (NO) will take part in one of the parallel sessions together with Todd Saunders from Saunders Architecture and Mikko Summanen from K2 Architects. The theme for the session, which will be lead by Børre Skodvin from Jensen and Skodvin Arkitekter (NO), will be:” In what way can small scale wood projects fit in with an experimental approach related to work process, production method and the development of new technical solutions.

Haugen/Zohar has in the last couple of years been engaged in several innovative wood projects, from larger urban developments to smaller works concerning installation. By being operating entrepreneurs in smaller projects in close contact with sawmill and carpentry workshops the office has gained solid knowledge and experience when it comes to both traditional building and the mounting of prefabricated wooden elements.

The tradition which is enshrined in special buildings and in the building stock as a whole is our knowledge bank, as for instance in our handy craft traditions. This knowledge does not exist by itself but needs maintenance, further distribution and further developing, says Dan Zohar.

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