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Multi-storey timber buildings have a relatively small market share, even though modern timber construction potentially can be a very competitive technology. Especially if recent innovations in building techniques and timber materials can be utilized. With increased focus on building quality, an increasing share of timber buildings are prefabricated. NEXT Timber seeks to develop an open standard tool for planning and execution of timber buildings on an international context.

An execution standard can provide interface principles that facilitate the use of new developments with respects to vibrations, acoustics, moisture and fire. It will also facilitate building process communication between all involved parties from architect, to engineer, to building owner, which in term will provide less risk of construction errors and enhance building quality. This will benefit trade, innovation sharing and further boost the development of modern timber building technologies.

The present event is the state of art workshop of related activities in the participating countries and this initiates the NEXT Timber project.

Read more about the workshop program and registration here